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The best thrillers of 2017

I absolutely love reading and thrillers are by far my favourite genre at the moment. I have read a lot of thrillers over the past year and I have picked out my top 5 to share with you guys.
1. The Ice Beneath HerSwedish Author, Camilla Grebe, makes her solo debut with this utterly captivating psychological thriller. Told from three different perspectives, this book had some seriously shocking twists.  A woman is found viciously murdered in the home of the very successful and controversial CEO Jesper Orre.  The murder is eerily similar to an unsolved murder that occurred 10 years ago. Could they be connected? And is Jesper the killer? The story is narrated by homicide detective Peter Lindgren, a retired criminal profiler Hanne, and a young women caught up in a romantic relationship with Jesper Owe. This book is so refreshing and different from any  thriller I have read. It is so cleverly written and I could never have guessed the ending. I recommend everyone add this to their reading l…

The best fake tans for pale skin

As I was blessed with very pale skin, I have been using fake tan for a while now. I have tried so many tans that made my skin so orange and looked awful! So I'm here to save my fellow pale readers.

Bondi Sands- Dark I'm guessing you have heard of Bondi Sands. It is a super popular tan, and for a good reason too. Their tan is super even and has a great colour. It is a green based tan, which means it doesn't go orange. Even if you are pale, I would suggest the dark colour. I used to use the light to medium tan but have found that the dark has a much nicer colour.

Le Tan- Dark or Ultra DarkI have used Le Tan products for a while and find that the 'dark' tan has the nicest colour. The lighter colours I have found tend to go a bit orange. I tried the ultra dark a while ago when it first came out and it is actually so good! Although I am very pale, it was so even and looked so natural! I definitely recommend it.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer  This tan is a fantas…

10 Melbourne cafes you must visit

Melbourne is certainly known for its breakfast and coffee culture, with almost every cafe doing all day breakfast. Which is great for all the brunch lovers out there (me!). Its no secret I absolutely love my brunch so I've put together a list of some of my favourites cafes.

High Society- Armadale  This cute little cafe in Armadale has been a favourite for a while. It serves up deliciously healthy breakfasts and lunch. The interior is super cute and the staff are always friendly. I always have trouble deciding what to get as the menu is amazing. Below is a photo of the veal tacos and the tofu with greens and smashed avo; both were definitely a hit.

Legacy Camberwell I had heard a lot of talk about this cafe and seen a lot of photos so that I decided that I had to go check it out for myself. I'm glad I did, the food was incredible. After much debate over the little somthin' somthin' and the pulled lamb salad, I went with the salad. If you haven't been here already, …